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Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount

Lumos Ultra
Fred Hermann

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Matrix
Bruce Cree
The Ultimate Urban Cycling Hemet

The Lumos Matrix is simply put the most visible helmet currently on the market for urban cycling. The combination of front and rear illumination, the capacity to signal turning, and the wide variety of illumination patterns make this the perfect helmet for urban cycling. When riding on city streets, visibility is by far the most important feature to help drivers recognize that there is a bicycle on the road. The very bright LEDs and visually captivating display options make this helmet highly visible. The bright headlamp also provides excellent illumination of the road and bike lane when riding at night. Lumos also has amazing customer service. Shout out to Kristine at Lumos! Many thanks! If you were on the fence about buying this helmet: it is worth every penny.
All the best,

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Emilio Moyers

Lumos Ultra E-Bike

Lumos Ultra
Alex Evers

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Kickstart
Lara Powers

The helmet fit a little too snugly, which was a risk in not ordering the XL. The shipping was slow-didn’t get on its way for a nearly a week, and was hard to track after it shipped. When it arrived the Lumos box inside shipping box was dirty and torn-a really sorry sight for a bday present!

Helmet Padding
Janine Radhakrishnan
Good cushioning

Easy to apply, work really well and even come with extra sticky valcro to attach the cushioning pads if they have come off. Very happy

Lumos Ultra
Simon Griffiths


Cool helmet

Convenience all in one

Lumos Ultra Fly
Darlene Kluka

superb quality and...

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Christopher SEYMOUR
I like it's options

Enjoying the supplemental lights that add to my bike's own. I like the helmet turn signals too. The only negative is the eye shield doesn't like either style of my glasses.

Lumos Ultra
Tyrrell Axtmann

With the MEPS, the helmet fits well and is comfortable to wear. I added the bug screen and visor. The visor seems a bit short and not sure I get its use except for perhaps keeping rain from dripping onto the face as it extends less than an inch from the helmet.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
René Hoppe
Top Service. Vielen Dank!

Vielen Dank! Ich bin sehr zufrieden und würde immer wieder einen Lumos Helm kaufen. Der Ablauf wegen ei er Reklamation verlief auch reibungslos.

Lumos Ultra
Brigette Smith
Great fit

Great fit even for larger heads. Good visibility will see what more can do with app

Lumos Ultra
Toon Janssen

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Ultra
Jacob Hagemann
Just amazing

Love the product and everything about it.

Lumos Ultra
Matthew Glad
The Ultra is an excellent cycling helmet for improved safety.

Very comfortable. The helmet has a wide range of adjustability. I have a fairly fat head and the helmet has room for me and a beanie for the cold weather. Significantly lighter that I expected.
The front light is not really bright enough to help you see while riding in the dark but sufficient to make you seen.
I wish the On/Off button was a little more distinguished. Its a little tricky to find back there while wearing the helmet especially with gloves.

Lumos Ultra
Peter Westphaelen
What happened?

Please see attached pictures.

I can't wait to actually use my helmet, but it arrived and appears to either be a returned item, or the accessories were omitted when it was packed.


Télécommande pour clignotants casque (Matrix dans mon cas). Très facile à installer sur le guidon et à jumeler avec le casque.
La platine de fixation est attachée au guidon à l’aide d’élastique. Ça tient mais j’aurais préféré un système plus sûr.
Très discret (boîtier noir sur mon guidon noir). J’aurais aimé que les boutons ou le boîtier soit un peu plus visible le car dans l’obscurité, en roulant il n’est pas évident de trouver le bon bouton (il n’y en a que 2 je sais). Les boutons possèdent une sorte de veilleuse quand la télécommande charge. Ce serait peut-être une solution (mais la batterie tiendrait moins longtemps). Ou alors un cover en silicone luminescent. Sur le premier modèle que j’ai acheté, la charge passait par un câble propriétaire identique au casque. Plutôt embêtant car oblige à avoir le câble avec soi pour charger si nécessaire au bureau ou ne pas oublier de charger avant de partir. Cette télécommande est tombée en panne après une semaine et a été remplacée rapidement par Lumos sans discussion. La nouvelle télécommande se charge via un câble USB C. Beaucoup plus pratique car on en a tous au bureau et à la maison. Pas de stress de le perdre ou de l’oublier.

High quality

That's the type of socks that you can easily say "they breathe".

Too complicated

I was initially given two lights as a present. I decided to get another light and the control to put on my handlebar. Honestly, I think this whole thing is just too much hassle. I like my old (simple but very bright) light better than this complicated system. Also the turn signal mount is too heavy (seems that it could have been made from lighter weight metal, so as not to add too much weight to the bicycle). I would not recommend this to someone else. That being said, the lights are very bright so that is good

Lumos Firefly
Francisco Santana
Lightweight, simple and elegant

These little lights are amazing. It keeps me visible to drivers and the turning signals are great. I also love that they can be synchronized with each other and a compatible helmet

Pretty Good Helmet

Would be 5 stars except you cant see thru the glare on the visor, needs to be polarized or something…its unusable.

Lumos Matrix
John Stevens
Everything has gone bad with my Matrix (2021) Helmet...

I have not been able to get the helmet to work within the last year!
The software update from a year ago (2022) seems to have killed the software in the helmet. It (helmet) will not work after any attempt to get that update downloaded.
The Android app is slow and unreliable. Using Android, a Samsung S22 Ultra phone.
Also, the inner fitting ring and adjuster has broken. Cannot adjust the fit of the MIPS ring. I'm bald so you cannot blame hair.
Have gone to a competitor's helmet just to have safety while riding.
I regret spending $200(USD)+ on this helmet only to learn I will have to spend another $200 for replacement.
Sorry, poor quality on helmet AND Lumos Software. Don't blame Android!

Replacement indicator remote

I purchased this replacement after the rubber of the original Kickstarter remote's buttons went hard and cracked after many years in the harsh Australian sun. The new remote seems to have a different rubber compound which will hopefully be more UV resistant, the charging port has also been upgraded from the proprietary mag charger to a USB C port with a cover, thats a good improvement.
I look forward to many more years of service from my Lumos helmet.