Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount
Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount

Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount

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Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount Fit Guide

Measuring your head size
Find a measuring tool Use a soft tape, rope or even your charging cable. Place it against a ruler to measure.
Measure your head Wrap it around your head, position it mid-forehead and above the eyebrows and ears.
Find your helmet size Identify if it’s a good fit. Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount fits most head shapes with the adjustable dial fit system.

Determining Your Head Size

Sizing Small Medium-Large Extra Large
Inches 20in. - 21.7in. 21.3in. - 24.0in. 24in. - 25.6in.
Centimetres 51cm - 55cm 54cm - 61cm 61cm - 65cm
Weight (MIPS) 370g 409g 450g
Weight (Standard) - 370g -

Want to unlock Automatic Brake Lights for your Firefly or lost your remote? Want an extra one for your extra bike? Order another Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount set!


  • Lumos Remote
  • Lumos Remote Handlebar Mount
  • Lumos Charging Cable
  • Silicon Bands (to attach remote mount to bike)

Note: Each Lumos Helmet can pair with up to 2 Remotes. Each Lumos Helmet order already comes standard with 1 Remote. This is to order an extra remote + mount set.

  • Comes with:
    • Lumos Remote
    • Lumos Remote Mount
    • Lumos Charging Cable
    • Silicon bands (for attaching the mount onto the bike)
  • Battery:
    • 90mAh built-in Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
    • Requires the Lumos Charging Cable for charging
  • Waterproof Rating:
    • IPX6
  • Sensor:
    • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Unlocks automatic brake lights for:
    • Firefly
    • Ultra
    • Ultra E-Bike
    • Kickstart Lite
View EU Declaration of Conformity for Lumos Remote.

Enhance your Lumos experience.

Turn signals

Take away the guesswork by letting traffic around you know which direction you’re turning.

Activate automatic brake lights

The Automatic Brake Light feature helps prevent collisions from the rear by warning traffic behind you when you’re coming to a hard stop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Kris Van Syngel
Superb and high quality lumos handlebar mount

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a well built handle bar for the lumos firefly lights.
It is woth to invest in safer biking and higher visibility!

Alan Oliver
Handlebar mount

I like the Charing cable👍 usb. The mount it’s Self not a fan, aways concerned elastic may break and lose the light. Should have a similar gadget like seat mount.

Czesław Czajka

Alles super
Sehr schnelle Lieferung

Mathew Lipps
Great visibility!!

one of the challenges as an urban commuter is being seen over top of parallel parked cars from cars approaching from perpendicular side street. This helmet in green + lights is great! unclear that handlebar controls come with helmet so I ended up buying extra one when not needed. So clarity on "what is in box" on website would be helpful, but otherwise very pleased!



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