Lumos Accident Replacement Policy

This is our promise to you

When we created our first helmet back in 2016, our intention was for cyclists to share the road more effectively and graciously with other motorists and non-motorists. When you buy our helmets, you’re sharing our belief that the added visibility prevents most road accidents from happening in the first place. 

However, accidents and falls do still happen. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road accident that has caused any impact to your Lumos helmet, let us know. We intend to make good on that belief by offering a 30% discount to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

We make products that protect you and allow you to move freely, without hesitation.

What you will need: 

  • A photo of the damaged helmet 
  • A photo of the helmet S/N number- you can find it on the white sticker inside your helmet 
  • A description of the accident 
  • Your order number / proof of purchase 
  • Details of your shipping country 

Example of things you’ll need: 

A description of the accident: When i deciced to try fitting it again by adjusting the strap it just snapped. This was like the 5th try putting it on. I never got to really use it that much because i didnt have a bike yet in the US.
Your order number: US#11112
Details of your shipping country: John Doe 123 Roosevelt Ave Redwood City, CA 94321-2346 United States of America 6543212345

Our policy is intended to cover the safety integrity of our helmets if it has been compromised in a crash whilst cycling. In the instance there has been a lack of care or abuse to the helmet, e.g. driving over the helmet or leaving the helmet next to a fire, etc. The helmet will not be eligible under this scheme.

Submit your request to our helpdesk here: 

Terms & Conditions

  • This program is conducted by Lumos and can be canceled or amended at any time without notice.
  • Only helmets purchased from, our Kickstarter campaigns, and on Amazon (Lumos as the seller) within the last 2 years are eligible for the program.
  • Judgment is at the sole discretion of Lumos.
  • The discount will be applied on the MSRP of the helmet and cannot be combined with any other promotions.
  • The replacement policy will be applicable for the same model as the original, or the nearest current equivalent if the original is no longer available.
  • No upgrades are available.
  • Lumos will not be held responsible if you dispose of your helmet before we request for you to do so.
  • In order to process these requests, it is necessary to collect some personal information. Please read our Data Protection Policy for further information.
  • Claims are valid once per purchased helmet.
  • Lumos’ distributors may opt to provide a different scheme. Please check with your local dealer where you have purchased the helmet.

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