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Great Lights / One Missing Feature

I ordered the 4 pack of Lumos Firefly lights. I have the Ultra eBike helmet and the remote.

No complaints about the quality of the lights, their integration with the helmet and remote, or the integration of the entire system with the app.

All the lights must be individually powered on ... but, the lights can be programmed to all turn off when one component of the linked system is powered off.

All lights have a white light in the center, a circle of yellow lights, and a circle of red lights. What lights are available depends on their location assignment in the app. LF/C/RF/LR, etc. The rear lights can be programmed to act as tail lights (red flashing or steady), brake lights (red), and turn signals (yellow).

The lights assigned to the front positions can only be programmed for white light (on, flash, off) and yellow turn signals. There is no option for the lights assigned to the front to be a running light (steady yellow). With a steady yellow/blinking turn signals yellow option the lights could also be used as side marker lights.

Lumos Matrix
Susan Zwiener
Best helmet ever, and quite a conversation piece!

I recently wore my new Lumos Matrix helmet and got so many compliments on how cool and practical it was! What a great invention!!!!!!

Lumos Ultra Fly
Geert Depuydt
I have not received my bicycle helmet (after 22 days).

I have not received my bicycle helmet after 22 days. 8 days ago I contacted support. It would be okay, was the message at the time. Haven't heard anything since.

Charging Cable
Geoffroy Raskin

Charging Cable

Charging Cable
Rui Azevedo
Great customer service

I bought a replacement charging cable for my fantastic Lumos Helmet, the item was slightly delayed on delivery but Lumos staff were ever so reassuring and professional throughout… will definitely recommend Lumos to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you.

Remote Lite
Rafał Sperling
Great product

Simply, clever solution


The ordered I did not obtain merchandises under 2 months, they cannot answer a letter. I recommend it to nobody that let it be shopping laterally.

Good with further wishes

In terms of fit and weight, it's an improvement on my Matrix, which I analysed as having become electronic waste far too soon due to the faulty design of the switch. I also had the impression that the battery on the new Ultra E-Bike needs to be charged more quickly. I think the visor is great for protection, but at the same time it gets windier around the eyes and touches the nose, so there is still room for improvement. I hope that this helmet will be in use for longer and that the technology is robust and durable.

Yours sincerely
Herbert Leifer

Helmet Padding
Henry Otim
Ultra Helmet Padding

Great pads for replacement and true fit for the Ultra Helmet. Will buy again in the red colour.

The best light

I’m very happy with the Firefly. I was a tester and I ride all kind of bikes in the dark or light. I got the Ultra Pro helmet too. I’m very visible.

Lumos Ultra
Kuba from Poland
Top of the top!

he helmet arrived to me in perfect condition. The order processing went flawlessly. I must admit that I have never experienced such customer service before. The helmet itself is an excellent product, well-made, and looks very cool. You can feel that I have a decent piece of equipment on my head. The lighting works flawlessly. I recommend it.

Firefly Turn Signal Mounts

I love them especially when riding alone and want to be seen! But i do get complaints on group rides that they are just a bit distracting! I still give them a thumbs up and 5 stars for safety reasons!

Good - but a bit fussy

Works well, but getting all the various lights plus the helmet paired is kind of tricky, and a bit mysterious. I have once in a while found it necessary to do it over, which is annoyingly time consuming. For the past few weeks that has not been necessary - I don't know if that will be consistent.

Lumos Ultra
Leslie S
bright lights

Only have had my helmet for a month; so life cycle of battery cannot be determined. Lights are clear and bright. Helmet fits and is adjustable as would be expected.

Lumos Firefly
Brian Soucy
One of Lumos best helmets to date!

This light airy helmet is wonderful, have gotten many compliments from other riders! No overheating issues and I live in Florida! One of my best purchases to date!

Ultra Visor
Daniel Humphrey
For riding before and after sunup

When we ride before sunup to avoid traffic and heat, the lights can be seen from miles away. After sunup, heading into the sun, I have the attachable visor to keep me from being blinded. Very nice fitting and good looking.

Lumos Ultra Fly Pro
JJ De Gucht

I haven’t received the helmet yet

Lumos Firefly
Théo Bouchenez
Excellent !

Excellente lumière avec une synchronisation d’un écosystème au top! Je recommande

Solid helmet

Love this helmet! Light weight, comfortable. Haven’t used at night yet to test lighting features. Hand signal integration hasn’t worked yet, but still a newbie and might be me, rather than software :).

Lumos Firefly
Christopher Desormeaux-Malm
Great product!

I love these lights! While it took me a moment to figure out some of the features, once I had them paired and installed in the app, they worked wonderfully! I love that my Ultra, turn signal remote and Firefly bundle all work seamlessly together! The look spectacular and are highly visible! I can’t wait to try them!

Lumos Firefly Charging Cradle
Christopher Desormeaux-Malm
Things I wish I realized…

I had Qi charges at home that I didn’t realize would handle the charging of my new Firefly lights. Consequently, I purchased three extra cradle chargers so that I didn’t have to charge my lights one at a time. I had delayed my purchase of the Firefly bundle hoping that the quad charger would become available for this reason. I doubt I’ll actually need to use the cradle chargers.

If you ride a bike, you need a Lumos

I bought the Matrix two years ago and love it but I bought this one once I souped up my Ebike to go over 30. With the MIPS system, I feel much safer. It was “battle tested” a few months ago after getting hit by a car. It did its job needless to say. I use the lights mostly during the day (like using day running lights on a car) and the turn signals alert cars behind me of my intentions. You absolutely will love these helmets.

Lumos Firefly Charging Cradle
Sacha Rice
Top quality products

The charging cradles are easy to use and really compact, well made and another fantastic product from the Lumos team.

Some minor issues

Helmet fits well but there are some minor issues with the app (a light dimming mode is lost when you change light patterns).

Also, my helmet had a build issue where the gasket around the charging light was never installed properly and blocks about a third of the charging light.

I would have expected more care on both issues for this price, but neither have a major impact on use so, whatever, I guess.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Manuel Castro

The helmet is very good but the lights during the day are REAL VERY VERY WEAK REAL BAD