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Lumos Firefly Handlebar End Mounts

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Ralf Müller
Perfect product and Perfect service

I had a problem with a Lumos Matrix. I wrote a mail without expecting anything. Lumos found a really good solution for me. That is remarkable and not usual.

The helmet is a live saver. I am riding bike and I have a lot of not amusing contacts with fast driving cars in the early morning and late evening. I use the helmet daily. The helmet makes driving bike more saver.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Alan Oliver
Lumos E-Bike mims

New helmet. ⛑️ luv it, bike as fixed solid lights. So the helmet lights & firefly’s are an adder bonus.

Helmet Padding
Ralf Dreis

Helmet Padding

Before buying the Rear Turn Signal Mount I had my rear Firefly’s on the end of my drop bars.
I prefer my current arrangement. It is Really awesome, it was fiddly to attach it, I had to remove my seat to do it, but very well worth the purchase 😀😀. Thanks guys!

Solid and sturdy

Very nice craftsmanship, seems sturdy and installation was easy. Would have loved an option with pre installed mounts and an attachment design, that could support further installation of rear trunk bags, reflectors and such.

Lumos Ultra
Martin Cracknell
Still waiting.

Still no sign of the Quad Mat Charger or the additional charging cradle that was meant to be sent. Additional items I also purchased have now been delayed and no reason given.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
philip drury
Fantastic upgrade to the original Ultra

I own three Lumos Helmets now. My first is the original Kickstart, Second is an original Ultra. and now I have the E Ultra! All three are for the different seasons (such that they are now) here in the UK My new one is amazing but I might need to slip an edge on the visor coz i have a big beak! All three are brill though.

Great visibility!!

one of the challenges as an urban commuter is being seen over top of parallel parked cars from cars approaching from perpendicular side street. This helmet in green + lights is great! unclear that handlebar controls come with helmet so I ended up buying extra one when not needed. So clarity on "what is in box" on website would be helpful, but otherwise very pleased!

Lumos Kickstart
Elizabeth A Beste
Lumos Helmet

My second Lumos Hlemet. I feel you can not be safe enough as a cyclist and this helmet,not only fits well, it makes me feel extra safe and visible!!

Lumos Ultra
James Liu
A light helmet with sizes other than medium

Unlike a different Kickstarter bike helmet company that shall remain nameless, Lumos built a helmet with lights in a size other than one-size (i.e., medium). This is especially important because you need a lighted helmet more in the winter months, and you may need to stick an insulated hat under your helmet.

I chose "electric lime" color. The more passive visibility, the better, even with lights.

The helmet is easy to use. The switch goes beep when you turn it on and off (so you don't have to take it off). The charging is by USB-C. It is a single charging port (and single switch) for both front and rear.

I didn't bother with the turn signals. Sure, it's cool in theory, but there isn't much room on a helmet for left-right separation. You have to be awfully close to even see a blinker point one way or another, and at that distance, I'd rather just look the driver in the eye and confirm they know what I am about to do.

What would be cool is putting an accelerometer in the helmet, so it could flash at full power when it detects any kind of acceleration--braking, turning, or just starting off a light. No manual intervention from the rider needed.

Scooter lights

Got my Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount mounted today on the Varla Scooter. I had to cut the bump off to get it flat but it looks great.

Remote Lite
Teresa Kidwiler
Amazing light for my everyday safety!

Amazing light for my everyday safety!

Firefly rear turn signal mount

I have a recumbent trike with a bontager rear rack. The mounting holes on the signal mount line up perfectly to the holes on my rack. Now my firefly lights are mounted on the top end of my rack,nice and high.

This solves the problem of mounting Firefly lights on my rear rack! But interferes with rear tru...

Now I have a secure way to mount my rear Firefly lights without trying to shim the mounting bands to thin rack bars. Unfortunately, mounting on the seat meant there was not room for my rear trunk bag on the rack. Problem solved by mounting the Firefly mounting bars on the end of my rear rack in place of a reflector that was there. Would be nice if the mounting bars had a hole in the center for mounting a reflector, since those are now required in Massachusetts.

Lumos Firefly
Quint Hampton
Work great

Love the lights and helmets

Turn signal mount

A great addition to my kickstarter helmet. Easy to set up and greatly increases visibility and predictability.

Great item

I have received the firefly mounts and no problem with it mount was easy.

Charging Cable
Giancarlo Pellegrini

All right, thank you.

Mount works great but was difficult to install on my narrow seat

I have a seat mounted bag that also mounts off the seat rails.
I was able to match one inner and one outer mounting hole so that I could continue to use my bag.
However, the threaded part of the mount is wider than the space under my seat and I had to improvise to get the mount installed.
I was able to use the threaded portion from the bag mount to complete the installation.

Lumos Matrix
Awesome bike helmet, with a matching level of customer support

I own multiple Matrix helmets (I love the look of both the white and black versions), along with multiple sets of the linkable lights. It's a great overall system for being visible from all directions, low on the bike, up to your head, along with a reliable, wireless turn-signal system. Moreover, I can confirm Lumos customer support is quick to respond and has always resolved any issues I've encountered.

Prima Ersatzhalterung

Als Zweithalterung gekauft und somit lässt sich der Blinker schnell und unproblematisch an zwei Fahrrädern nutzen.
Die Qualität entspricht der Erstausstattung.

Lumos Ultra
Heiko Jensing
I bought it again!

The helmet saved my head and my life in an accident. Thankfully he sacrificed himself for me. So I bought the same model again. Is there a better rating?

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Edelstein Ronald
Confusing purchasing directions

I am attempting to purchase a helmet. Unfortunately white color is always sold out. The process to purchase the lights and cradle is confusing. Attempting to find a contact telephone number is impossible. The product looks very appealing and I would like to purchase but the siite, availability and inability to contact customer support leads me to stay away…….