Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount
Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount

Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount

€34.95 EUR

Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount Fit Guide

Measuring your head size
Find a measuring tool Use a soft tape, rope or even your charging cable. Place it against a ruler to measure.
Measure your head Wrap it around your head, position it mid-forehead and above the eyebrows and ears.
Find your helmet size Identify if it’s a good fit. Lumos Firefly Rear Turn Signal Mount fits most head shapes with the adjustable dial fit system.

Determining Your Head Size

Sizing Small Medium-Large Extra Large
Inches 20in. - 21.7in. 21.3in. - 24.0in. 24in. - 25.6in.
Centimetres 51cm - 55cm 54cm - 61cm 61cm - 65cm
Weight (MIPS) 370g 409g 450g
Weight (Standard) - 370g -

Upgrade your bike's safety game with our all-new Turn Signal Mount, meticulously designed to meet industry-leading road safety standards.


Crafted from a durable all-metal body, this mount allows you to attach two Firefly lights 24cm (9.45") apart under your seatpost—making your intentions on the road clear as day.

The mount's strategic under-seatpost design not only offers a sleek, low-profile look but also gives you the flexibility to adjust the Firefly lights to the desired angle.

What's more, it's saddlebag-friendly, so you don't have to compromise on utility.

Product Specifications
  • Size
    • Length: 7.87" (200mm)
    • Width: 3.15" (80mm)
  • Weight
    • 1.06 oz. (145g)
  • Material
    • Aluminum alloy
  • Mounting Compatibility
    • Fits saddle rails with diameters between 0.28" - 0.39" (7mm - 10mm).
    • Can be attached on saddle rails spaced 1.77" - 2.95" (45mm - 75mm) from each other.
    • Requires a 0.43" x 0.79" (11mm x 20mm) gap below the saddle.
  • Safety Standard
    • Compliant with Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.108 by the NHTSA.
What’s in the Box

This package includes:

  • 1 x Turn Signal Mount with seatpost bracket
  • 1 x Allen key
  • 4 x Small screws
  • 2 x Thumbscrews

*Universal Mounts to hold your Lumos Firefly are not included in the box.

Elevate Road Safety with Intelligent Turn Signalling

Unmistakable Signalling

Road safety-compliant distance of 24cm to mimic standard vehicle signals, ensuring clear communication and safer lane changes on the road.

Durable and Versatile Design

Made from a sturdy all-metal body that effortlessly fits under your seatpost for a more streamlined look. The mount allows for angle adjustments to your Firefly lights, ensuring optimal visibility. Plus, its design accommodates saddlebags, so you can carry your essentials without a hitch.

Seamless Angle Adjustments

Easily rotate your Firefly lights to the perfect angle, guaranteeing you're seen—and safe—from all directions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Joseph Cuevas
Perfect mount for the firefly

Finding a proper location for my firefly lights was a challenge with the type of bike I have. This firefly mount gives the ability to mount the firefly lights in various locations. I mounted mine to the saddle of the bike. They are perfectly placed when using this mount and the mount itself is constructed very well. It has multiple adjustment options and is a must have for the firefly lights.

Jeffrey Rosencrans
Turn Signal Mount

The installation was easy and the firefly lights are easily the best accessory that I have added for safety!

Menno Spoelstra
Do not hit the ground

On the first day, my bike fell on the ground and one end of the tsm was broken. Too bad you cannot order those ends apart. Now I have to decide if I order a second one.
The quality itself is okay, but the lack of replacing the ends is not satisfying.

Michael Blackwell

Before buying the Rear Turn Signal Mount I had my rear Firefly’s on the end of my drop bars.
I prefer my current arrangement. It is Really awesome, it was fiddly to attach it, I had to remove my seat to do it, but very well worth the purchase 😀😀. Thanks guys!

Nils Bote
Solid and sturdy

Very nice craftsmanship, seems sturdy and installation was easy. Would have loved an option with pre installed mounts and an attachment design, that could support further installation of rear trunk bags, reflectors and such.

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