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Lumos Firefly

Firefly is a 3-in-1 smart front and rear bike light that enhances your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing, and convenient magnetic mounting.
€54.95 €46.71

Lumos Firefly Fit Guide

Measuring your head size
Find a measuring tool Use a soft tape, rope or even your charging cable. Place it against a ruler to measure.
Measure your head Wrap it around your head, position it mid-forehead and above the eyebrows and ears.
Find your helmet size Identify if it’s a good fit. Lumos Firefly fits most head shapes with the adjustable dial fit system.

Determining Your Head Size

Sizing Small Medium-Large Extra Large
Inches 20in. - 21.7in. 21.3in. - 24.0in. 24in. - 25.6in.
Centimetres 51cm - 55cm 54cm - 61cm 61cm - 65cm
Weight (MIPS) 370g 409g 450g
Weight (Standard) - 370g -
  • Size
    • Length: 1.65" (42mm)
    • Width: 1.65" (42mm)
    • Thickness: 0.78" (20mm)
  • Weight
    • 1.06 oz. (30g)
  • LED Configurations
    • White: 1 LED
      • as Front Light
    • Red: 20 COB ring + 2 high powered LEDs
      • as Rear Light
      • Automatic brake light (with Lumos Remote)
    • Yellow: 20 COB ring
      • as Turn Signals
  • Battery
    • 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
    • 5 hours charging time
    • Battery Life: 2.5-35 hours dependent on settings
    • White (Front)
      • 3.5 hrs “Always On” mode
      • 13 hrs “Balanced” mode
      • 32 hrs “Battery Saver” mode (20% brightness)
    • Red (Rear)
      • 3 hrs “High Visibility” mode
      • 10 hrs “Balanced” mode
      • 35 hrs “Battery Saver” mode (20% brightness)
  • Wireless
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Certifications
    • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
    • Safety: FCC, CE, UKCA, IC, EN62471
  • LS3 Sync Compatibility
Lumos Firefly - Light Only
  • 1 x Lumos Firefly light
  • 1 x Universal Mount kit
    • Velcro Strap
    • Silicone Strap
    • Seat Post Padding
    • Low Profile Padding
    • Press-To-Release clips
1 x Lumos Firefly Charging Cradle Bundle
  • 1 x Lumos Firefly light
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cradle
    • USB-C Charging Cradle
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Interchangable legs
  • 1 x Universal Mount kit
    • Velcro Strap
    • Silicone Strap
    • Seat Post Padding
    • Low Profile Padding
    • Press-To-Release clips
2 x Lumos Firefly Charging Cradle Bundle
  • 2 x Lumos Firefly light
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cradle
    • USB-C Charging Cradle
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Interchangable legs
  • 2 x Universal Mount kit
    • Velcro Strap
    • Silicone Strap
    • Seat Post Padding
    • Low Profile Padding
    • Press-To-Release clips
4 x Lumos Firefly Charging Cradle Bundle
  • 4 x Lumos Firefly light
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cradle
    • USB-C Charging Cradle
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Interchangable legs
  • 4 x Universal Mount kit
    • Velcro Strap
    • Silicone Strap
    • Seat Post Padding
    • Low Profile Padding
    • Press-To-Release clips

4 x Lumos Firefly Quad Charging Mat Bundle

  • 4 x Lumos Firefly light
  • 1 x Portable Quad Charging Mat
    • Portable Quad Charging Mat
    • USB-C Charging Cable
  • 4 x Universal Mount kit
    • Velcro Strap
    • Silicone Strap
    • Seat Post Padding
    • Low Profile Padding
    • Press-To-Release clips
View EU Declaration of Conformity for Lumos Firefly.
Lumos Firefly
€46.71 EUR €54.95 EUR

Lumos Firefly
€46.71 EUR €54.95 EUR
Lumos Firefly
€46.71 EUR €54.95 EUR
As seen on Kickstarter - Over $1 million raised!
$ 0
pledged of $60,000 goal

In 2022 Firefly became the most funded bicycle light project in Kickstarter HISTORY

Firefly makes you safer on the road by
1 Making you more predictable

Misunderstandings can cause accidents, so make your intentions known to avoid collisions.

Signal your turns. Help drivers help you.

Turn Signals

Firefly has built-in yellow turn signals, making it easy for cyclists to show when they're turning or changing lanes, improving road safety.

Brake Lights

Firefly's automatic brake lights (with Lumos Remote) inform drivers when you're decelerating, enabling them to react in time and prevent potential accidents.

2 Expanding your visibility footprint

Improve your on-road presence by extending your light spread, making you more noticeable and prompting drivers to provide extra space for your safety.

Syncs with each other

Lumos Firefly syncs with each other seamlessly, providing users with a hassle-free experience and improved functionality.

Syncs with your Lumos helmet as well

The Lumos Firefly easily syncs with all Lumos helmets, providing cyclists with a comprehensive safety system for enhanced visibility on the road.

3 Syncing your flashing as a group
Team Sync

With Lumos Team Sync, cyclists can enjoy the benefits of synchronized light patterns for improved visibility on the road.

Commute 2.0

How it works
Pair and Configure Lights
Quickly pair your Firefly lights, set up turn signals, and customize visibility settings for a secure and efficient cycling journey.
Pick Your Flashing Mode
Opt for the ideal flashing mode to suit your preferences, with battery life ranging from 2.5 to 35 hours depending on the settings, improving visibility and minimizing the risk of accidents on the road.
Sync with a Double Tap
Synchronize all Firefly devices effortlessly by double-tapping the power button, creating a comprehensive safety network for group rides and superior visibility.
Firefly light modes
Every Lumos Firefly is packed with powerful LEDs that can function as either a front white light, a rear red light and a turn signal.
Swipe to view more
Front Light
High-powered white LED
Rear Light
Red COB light ring
2x high-powered red LEDs
Turn Signal
Yellow COB light ring
Up to
Front light hours*
Up to
Rear light hours*
Up to
Turn signal light hours*
*Hours are based on the battery saver mode which can be accessed through the app.

Complete Your Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Martin Schiefer
Many thanks

The firefly is a really cool device

Burkhardt Müller-Sönksen
very good, but expansive :-)

for security reason a must. i hope, if more people buy it, is become a littlebit cheaper.

Great Lights / One Missing Feature

I ordered the 4 pack of Lumos Firefly lights. I have the Ultra eBike helmet and the remote.

No complaints about the quality of the lights, their integration with the helmet and remote, or the integration of the entire system with the app.

All the lights must be individually powered on ... but, the lights can be programmed to all turn off when one component of the linked system is powered off.

All lights have a white light in the center, a circle of yellow lights, and a circle of red lights. What lights are available depends on their location assignment in the app. LF/C/RF/LR, etc. The rear lights can be programmed to act as tail lights (red flashing or steady), brake lights (red), and turn signals (yellow).

The lights assigned to the front positions can only be programmed for white light (on, flash, off) and yellow turn signals. There is no option for the lights assigned to the front to be a running light (steady yellow). With a steady yellow/blinking turn signals yellow option the lights could also be used as side marker lights.

The best light

I’m very happy with the Firefly. I was a tester and I ride all kind of bikes in the dark or light. I got the Ultra Pro helmet too. I’m very visible.

Brian Soucy
One of Lumos best helmets to date!

This light airy helmet is wonderful, have gotten many compliments from other riders! No overheating issues and I live in Florida! One of my best purchases to date!


Everything you need to know about our product
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Please chat with us

Can each Lumos Firefly have different light colors or functions?
Yes, it’s an all-in-one light! One Lumos Firefly can be used as a front or rear light and with or without turn signals. You can change the function of the light as often as you like within the Lumos Companion App.
How bright is Lumos Firefly?
We do not have an official Lumen rating on our products as this depends on many factors, like amount of lights, light pattern etc. Here's why.
Where can the bike lights be mounted?
Lumos Firefly comes with one universal mount, silicone strap & velcro strap and 2 paddings so it can be mounted on several types and shapes of handlebars, the seat post, rear rack, bike trailer, backpacks and even your body. Just note that the silicone strap stretches up to 15cm (~6 inches).
How can I activate the turn signals?
You can activate the turn signals with the Lumos App. They can also be activated by the Lumos Remote (optional), which can be included with your perk an add-on.
Does it come with the Automatic Brake lights?
The Lumos Firefly comes with an optional brake light feature. If you wish to have the automatic brake light feature, then you need the Lumos Remote that has a built-in accelerometer required to activate the brake lights on your Lumos Firefly bike light.
How long does the battery last? What is the charging time?
With a 500mAh rechargeable battery inside, Lumos Firefly will last up to 35 hours, depending on the settings. Choose a hi-vis mode for maximum visibility on the road or battery-saver mode for the longest-lasting mode of up to 35 hours. It takes about 3-5 hours to fully charge your Lumos Firefly, and you can check the battery level in the Lumos App.
Why a wireless charger?
As part of our effort to make the bike lights as durable and weatherproof as possible, we decided early on that we would do away with a charging port and push for wireless charging. You can charge one Firefly at a time with the Lumos wireless charger or use your own universal charger. Firefly uses Qi, the global standard for wireless charging, so it should be compatible with most chargers on the market.
Is it weatherproof?
Yes, you can always bring Lumos Firefly on your rides. Come rain, come shine. Thanks to the wireless charging, Firefly is water-resistant and can easily be mounted on your bike, trailer, backpack, you name it.
Is the Lumos App compatible with Android and iOS? Can 1 phone control everything?
You only need a smartphone and the Lumos Companion App to control all your Lumos Fireflies and/or Lumos helmets. You can change the light settings in the app, which is compatible with Android as well as iOS.
Is Lumos Firefly compatible with my Lumos helmet?
The bike lights are compatible with the Lumos helmets: Kickstart, Matrix and Ultra, and the Lumos Remote. You can simply sync your Lumos products in the Lumos Companion App.Note: Lumos Firefly is not compatible with the (round) Remote Lite.
I don’t have a Lumos helmet. Can I use the Lumos Firefly?
Definitely! You can use one or more Lumos Firefly lights with or without a Lumos helmet.
Are the (flashing) lights allowed in my country?
Firefly has different light settings so you can always set them on the solid mode when needed. While in most areas flashing lights are allowed, traffic and (bicycle) lighting regulations differ in each country. We recommend checking the regulations of your area with the local authorities.
Do the lights meet the requirements of the StVZO in Germany?
At this moment it does not meet the StVZO requirements as flashing lights are forbidden in Germany when mounted on a bike. That said, flashing lights are allowed in traffic for example on helmets, backpacks etc. as long as they are not attached to your bike directly.
If you’re cycling anywhere other than German roads, you do not require a light that's StVZO certified.
Does it have any certifications?
Naturally! Firefly complies with the electronics regulation standards and is certified accordingly. Lumos Firefly is certified to the relevant requirements as set out by the FCC in the US, CE in EU, and UKCA in the UK.
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