Why Lumos LED helmets are better than traditional helmets

Here are 4 reasons

No one debates that wearing a helmet is essential in keeping you safe. Accidents happen, and a helmet can be that deciding factor between getting out alright or having life changing injuries. 

What are LED helmets, and are they any better than the traditional helmets?

Reason #1: Higher is better 

At Lumos, we believe in the fundamental concept that if the driver can see you, he won’t hit you. 

Therefore, being visible is the most important thing that you can do to keep yourself safe.  Having LEDs in your helmet positions them higher, at eye-level. This makes them more noticeable to drivers. They also do not run the risk of being blocked by another car or a letterbox.

Reason #2: Turn signals are a game changer  

When you’re on the road, we think it makes a lot of sense to speak the same language as the motorists around you. 

Being predictable to motorists around you helps them to prepare and adjust their actions accordingly. That is why turn signals on cars are mandatory. It’s about time cyclists get some too!

Reason #3: Lights on your helmets are unstealable  

Another perk of having your bike lights integrated with your helmet is that you’ll never forget or be worried about having your bike lights stolen. 

As cyclists ourselves, it's an all too common occurrence that our bike lights run out of battery, get stolen or get forgotten at home while charging.  

With your bike lights now on your helmet, it’s much harder to have them stolen or forgotten - Just don’t lose your helmet :)

Reason #4: They’re actually useful outside of a crash  

Traditional helmets are extra weight and discomfort and are only useful during a crash itself. LED helmets actually provide active accident prevention whenever you’re wearing it by making you more visible. 

If you’re going to wear a helmet, why not have it increase your safety and increase your chances of preventing the accident in the first place?

In the event that you do get into an accident, your Lumos LED helmet will provide the best protection as all our helmets are crash test certified by safety standards globally.

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