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Sun’s out, bikes out!

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NTA 8776 certified

Our Bestselling Helmet
Just Got A Makeover

Kickstart Lite
From €129.95

Ride into

Sun’s out, bike’s out!

What's new

Our bestselling helmet
just got a makeover

Kickstart Lite
From €129.95


NTA 8776 certified

Meet the Lumos range of helmets


The award-winning helmet for commuters

From €179.95


The accessible helmet for everyone

From €99.95


The urban helmet for a futuristic flair

From €249.95


The urban helmet for the minimalist rider

From €199.95

Traffic crashes are not accidents,
but preventable incidents.

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"The Lumos is a fully featured high-end helmet with all the fit, comfort and protection you want."

"The Lumos helmet really complements a commuting lifestyle."

"Bike helmet with turn signals makes absolute sense for ride safety"

"You can't put a price on safety. This high-tech bike helmet is the one you want hugging a loved one's noggin."