Update #22 - Passing Safety Tests!

Hey everyone, hope all is well!
Big news - We officially passed helmet safety tests! Lumos is officially a bona fide safe to ride bicycle helmet!
We submitted Lumos for testing to two well known, gold standard safety tests: 
(1) CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203 (the standard required for sale in the United States) and
(2) CE EN1078 (the standard required for sale in Europe).
We're really proud to be able to say that the helmets passed with flying colors!
What does it take to pass these safety tests? 
Great question! It takes a lot, and it's not easy. 
The tests are very rigorous. There are many individual tests that the helmet has to pass, and the only way to find out for sure if the helmet is safe, is to literally smash it and see if it is absorbing impact the way it should. 
Here are some of the tests that the helmet goes through: 
This is a rig to test the retention system of the helmet. A weight on the left drops pulling the helmet up from the back, testing that the helmet does not fly off in the event of an impact.
This is one of the main test rigs. Helmets are lifted up and dropped, and the residue impact measured has to be below a certain number in order to pass. Helmets are tested in various environmental configurations and are impacted at multiple locations of the helmet.
I was there to witness the tests myself!
Helmets go through impact testing in 4 environmental conditions:
  1. Ambient (room temperature)
  2. High temperature (127 degrees Fahrenheit / 52 degrees Celsius)
  3. Low temperature ( 1 degree Fahrenheit / - 17 degrees Celsius)
  4. Soaked in water (immersed in water for 24 hours) 

(ie. The lab smashes helmets that have been acclimatized to each of those 4 extreme conditions to ensure that a hot, frozen, and wet helmet is as safe during an impact as a helmet in normal ambient conditions)

The picture above is one of our helmets being immersed in a tank of water in preparation for an impact test (ie. getting smashed).
Note that the lights and electronics would almost certainly fail if you soak the helmet helmet like this - The criteria to pass here is not that the lights and electronics still work, but that the helmet is still safe and absorbs impact even when soaked wet. That being said, the electronics in the helmet IS water resistant, and will easily survive rain and showers, just not water immersion. 
This is a helmet just removed from a deep freezer. Note the frost. 

The purpose of course is to ensure that the helmet is not just safe in normal conditions, but also in fairly extreme conditions.

New product photographs sneak peek

Passing the safety tests means that we have overcome the most significant obstacle to producing helmets at scale and shipping. We’ve also taken new product photographs of the final helmet!
Next Steps

We need to do a few more small batch production dry runs before we can pull the trigger and start producing helmets in the thousands. In the coming weeks we will have final details on color, and we'll also be sending out that final survey. 

In the meantime we were actually able to ship out several units to beta testers. We asked them to compare it with the original beta units they got earlier this year for comparison, and (thankfully!) they have had very positive things to say!

The helmet feels good! I rolled it around in my hands for a minute before putting it on. My thoughts were, "this is a fancy helmet that lights up!" The highlight here is that I would wear this helmet even if it didn't light up. The fit is that good!
 - John W. Burlington VT
Just got my helmet! What an improvement! I love the fit which was my biggest compliant of the first helmet. I also like the remote. What I see so far looks really good. 
- Lou P.
Outstanding!!! I am so happy for the Lumos team and us (the beta testers) who get to be part of a brand new product from inception to perfection! The helmet fits beautifully... the lights work perfectly... the app is a nice surprise and quite good. THANK YOU for letting me be part of this. I am positive we are all part of, what is going to be, a big success.
- Kent F. - Suffolk County, NY
First and foremost, the cosmetic changes you folks made ROCK. I think your finished product is finally ready to be rolled out to the general public. 
I think this is something we can all be proud of and I pray it will save a life someday.
 - Richard O.
My helmet arrived! Very psyched to have it in hand, especially before this weekend's rides. Here's my first impressions; overall a HUGE improvement over the original beta. Well done guys!
* The fit! Ohhh, the fit! The original beta took a couple weeks of fidgeting and hacking to get it to the point I could wear it. It was never comfortable, and its effectiveness during a crash was alwasy in the back of my mind. Thsi one fit like a glove right out of the box. WELL DONE!
* The straps feel great and were very easy to setup & adjust.
* Overall the design looks much better than the original beta - the extra attention is apparent. 
 - Chris S.
We've also got an awesome unboxing video from Victor in Germany!

More updates coming very soon!

Eu-wen, Jeff and the entire Lumos Team

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