Update #15: A Christmas Surprise from Lumos!

Merry Christmas everyone, and happy New Years in advance! We hope that you had a Merry Christmas indeed this unseasonably warm Winter!

We’ve had some reason to be jolly - We were able to deliver several special gifts to arrive in time for Christmas. See for yourself!


Note - these are NOT the final production version of Lumos. Instead as you may have guessed, these are our beta units that we talked about in this update back during our campaign. Beta units are a critical part of the product development process where we get real people to use the product in the real world to test it out and help us iron out the kinks before going into full production.

55 beta units were delivered in time for Christmas and our beta testers have already started using them and providing feedback to us. Its an awesome/exciting/scary time because these are big firsts for us - First time delivering fully assembled (albeit beta) Lumos Helmets to people and our first time having Lumos used by people from outside the company in the real world.

With our 55 packed units just before we shipped it out!
With our 55 packed units just before we shipped it out!

Our beta testers have only been using it for just a few days and already we’ve got a long list of things that we know we need to work on and improve. We’ve got a lot more work to do, but in the meantime this is a huge milestone worth celebrating and a BIG step forward for this product and our little fledgling startup! Thank you so much to all our beta testers for your enthusiasm in testing the product and for providing thoughtful, useful and constructive feedback.

I’m sure you’re curious for more details! We will be taking all of January to let our beta testers test their units as thoroughly as possible (some in pretty frigid conditions!) and we will definitely have a big update towards the end of January to share the results with you!

Eu-wen and Jeff